Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stav's Kitchen -- great food, fast in Addison

There are, seriously, so many restaurants around here that we could try a new place every weekend for probably 2 years. And I love that so many of them are local.

Friday evening we braved the chill to try a place in Addison that we drive by constantly. I'm not sure what to call it - it's sort of a diner-fast food hybrid. Stav's Kitchen is a counter service restaurant, but with high quality, diner style food that is served in real dishes with real silverware.

The focus is Greek and diner-y food, and on that front, it's similar to Shorty's in Wood Dale, although the menu is a bit bigger. But they have the usual suspects -- burgers, assorted sandwiches, gyros, spanakopita, salads, soup, etc. They also have ribs, broasted chicken, and a few other "dinners".

I was in a Greek mood, and went for the gyros dinner. It was a ton of food for the price -- choice of soup, salad or slaw (I went for the lemon rice soup), fries, a huge pile of gyros meat and warm pita, plus tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce.

The gyros meat was delicious, the pita warm and fluffy, and the lemon rice soup possibly the best restaurant soup I've had in ages.

My husband had the ribs dinner, which came with Greek-style rice, garlic bread, and the same soup/salad/slaw choice. He had lentil soup; he said the ribs were quite good and really enjoyed his soup as well.

Honestly, while the atmosphere is nothing special, the food was great and it came pretty fast. We will absolutely go back for a quick meal; heck, I would go back on my own and just have a big ole bowl of lemon rice soup and a grilled cheese.


Rachel said...

I recommend the Greek Corner off of Army Trail road. I love their Greek Potatoes.

That Girl said...

Thanks for the tip! We get down to Glendale Heights now and then. :)

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I'm not much for lemon-y things in general, but in Greek food? It's heaven.