Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of the year

With '08 wrapping up and this blog settling into a groove, I was thinking about good end-of-the-year posts.

I've tried a lot of great restaurants this year, seen a lot of cool things and explored some great towns.

But picking out the best isn't that hard, when it comes down to it.

Best restaurant discovery:
Bien Trucha, Geneva
This tiny restaurant reinvents the tacqueria into a classy, cozy restaurant hiding in plain sight in downtown Geneva. I have loved every bite I've eaten and every sip drunk at Bien Trucha, and hope there are many, many more to come.

Best downtown discovery:
Elmhurst, easily. There are a lot of great downtowns in the suburbs, and I could name a few more I love off the top of my head, but Elmhurst was only (sadly) discovered by me this year. With its excellent mix of food, public areas, and unique stores, it's a place I can't wait to walk around in again.

Best store discovery:
This is a little harder. I do love Funky Things in Algonquin something fierce, but I discovered that when it first opened in 2007. So this year's winner is probably SereneTeaz, again in Elmhurst. A fun and funky tea shop with samples galore and all the tea options you can imagine, plus some great clerks to help you find whatever it is you're looking for.

Best town-run discovery:
For a town as small as Wood Dale, they have a great pool/waterpark, known as "The Water Park," complete with big slide, adult hot tub, kiddie area and more. It was well showcased at National Night Out -- which is a great event in and of itself, complete with free swimming, free food, music, raffles and mosquitos. I mean more.

So tell me -- what were YOUR favorites of '08? I'm always looking for tips, suggestions, ideas, you name it! Comment away!

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