Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love popcorn? Kernel Fabyan's, Geneva

I will unabashedly admit to adoring Geneva and St. Charles. They are wonderful towns with a ton to offer. Geneva's Third Street is one of my absolute favorite suburban spots, and there are so many cool shops and eateries, I could write for hours.

But today I'm going to focus on a great little snack shop: Kernel Fabyan's. A clever little play on words (Colonel George Fabyan is a historic Genevan figure and has a bunch of stuff named after him), this cute little place mostly just offers fantastic popcorn and assorted drinks to wash it down. (They also have a Naperville location, but I have never been there and didn't know it existed until today.)

Now, I love popcorn. Mmmm. Buttery, cheesey, caramelly, however you make it, chances are I will eat it. But I'm a bit picky, too -- it has to be fresh, not fakey tasting. Garrett's in Chicago is probably the zenith of popcorn, but since most of us don't want to trek downtown just for some popcorn, Kernel Fabyan's is a completely acceptable substitute.

Located just a block north of the Geneva Metra station, the shop smells intensely of popcorn, cheese and caramel. They offer caramel, cheddar, white cheddar, kettle corn and "movie" aka buttered.

The caramel corn is light, crispy, sweet and buttery; the cheesy pop is turn-your-fingers-orange delicious, with tons of cheesy-buttery flavor that will keep you licking your fingers.

The next time you're in Geneva and want a little treat -- check out Kernel Fabyan's. (I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it...)

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