Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Small pub, great grub -- Stockholm's, Geneva

I'm going to repeat what people in Geneva and the tri-cities already knew, I'm sure: Stockholm's, 306 W. State St., Geneva, is a great little pub.

It's small -- some of those restaurants on State St are bigger than they look, but not Stockholm's, but we found a seat table pretty easily -- good timing. It's got a lot of dark wood and a local bar sort of feel, even though it's actually not that old. And while it looks more like a bar, they have a decent amount of tables and some darn good food, much better than your average bar food.

Shared the Papas Italiano as an appetizer which are totally delicious and seriously fattening, I'm sure -- they are homemade chips with a load of cheese sauce, bacon and scallions. Yum.

I had the buffalo chicken wrap, which was tasty and cheesy and large, though not quite as spicy as I might have liked. The husband had a burger, which he said was quite good and nicely medium. And our friend with us had a Reuben he declared adequate (he is a Reuben connoisseur) and tried the Aiger Ale, which he very much enjoyed.

My husband and I aren't really beer drinkers, though we did both try his, and it was pretty good. So maybe next time I'll have to try the LoRazz.

It being Swedish Days, it was pretty busy; we got good service and a lot of checking in, though it wasn't effusive. We didn't linger because there were people waiting for tables.

But the next time we venture out to Geneva, I'll say we'd definitely hit up Stockholm's again. Good stuff.

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