Monday, August 10, 2009

Yep, still alive

Dear blog readers,

Yes, I am alive! As far as I know, so are my co-authors, though I have not heard from them recently.

Work has been busy, family stuff has gotten in the way, and I have been remiss in blogging. Which is a shame, since there is still so much going on in the warm weather!

I would like to highlight an event next weekend: The Wood Dale Prairie Fest. They've rebranded their "Family Fun Days" as a more traditional summer festival. It runs next weekend, Aug. 14-16, at the "town square" area next to the police department and the town pool.

We went to this event last year, and honestly weren't that impressed, but it promises to be bigger and better last year, with a decent array of food vendors, music, fireworks and other entertainment. So if you're looking for a smallish, family-friendly festival, the Prairie Fest should fit the bill.

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The Juice Box said...

I'm alive! Sorry for being a bad blogger. :( I haven't been very good to my regular blog, either. Wah wah.