Monday, July 6, 2009

Get your park on

Over the weekend, I visited the in-laws for some burgers and fireworks. And while we were there, I once again was impressed by a fantastic park in the southwest burbs.

Centennial Park, at 15600 West Ave. in Orland Park, is one of the best parks I've ever seen, anywhere.

What makes it so great is the use of the space -- it blends natural areas with attractions and activities for all ages. It's huge. Included are soccer fields, baseball diamonds, fishing piers, a playground, volleyball courts, picnic areas, a large and elaborate aquatic center, and even an ice skating rink for winter. (And more.)

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to post -- we were there at night for a fireworks display and then again the next day to let a 4 year old run rampant -- but it's a really lovely, well-kept area with tons to do for the whole family. If you live in the SW burbs, or find yourself down in Orland Park for a day, I can't recommend a better park than Centennial.

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