Sunday, July 12, 2009

Itasca Fest, bigger than you might think

Well, we checked out the Itasca Fest, and I'm pleased to say it's a pretty good-sized festival. Parking was a little difficult to figure out, but there were plenty of spaces; the carnival was a lot bigger than you would expect for such a small town. Tons of rides and games, plus traditional carnival food and offerings from local eateries. It was a lovely day outside, too. The 4-year-old with us had a great time on the multiple kid-friendly rides, and there were fun ones for adults, too.

The NASA exhibit was neat. It was basically just a trailer, but had multiple interactive computer exhibits, trying out dexterity with big gloves on, and a scale to tell you how much you would weigh on the moon, Venus or Mars. Plus a genuine moon rock to stare at for awhile. :)

For good old-fashioned carnival rides, local eats and something to do on a summer day, Itasca Fest fit the bill.

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