Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Grove Cafe -- a great group-dining experience

I ventured to Long Grove Cafe recently for a bridal shower, sitting in a special side room on the other side of the restaurant.

For such a simple name, it's not a boring place. (But if you've ever been to Long Grove, you know that you're in for a treat with most of the historic shops and cute eateries downtown.)

I was still pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere -- the place is tucked behind the main streets of downtown Long Grove and surrounded by a beautiful duck pond. It was very calm and serene, and fun to watch all the birds. There are also feeding containers near the front entrance, so that's a plus for us kids-at-heart (and actual youngsters).

The food and service are equally charming. The servers were fairly attentive to our party, without being overbearing.

We had two choices -- rosemary chicken or white fish -- for our dinner. Both were decidedly excellent by the group, but I especially enjoyed my chicken, which came with some of the tastiest Russet potatoes I've had in a long time. The hot fresh bread that was served with our salads was also delicious.

I'd definitely recommend this place for a small gathering, such as a bridal or baby shower. Those sort of places probably aren't too tough to find in the suburbs, but this is a top-notch option if you're looking for something different.

I'm sure the restaurant side is also a great choice for a nice, peaceful lunch or dinner. I plan to return to test that section out, and hopefully soon.

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