Monday, November 17, 2008

Who knew? Or great fast food in Villa Park -- Strat's

On Saturday evening, we cruised the length of Route 64 in Villa Park, which is not a terribly wide stretch. We were looking for Safari Land (long story) and couldn't easily find it. We eventually did, staring us straight in the face as it was, and then decided we were hungry.

At which point we went back to a neon-lit place we'd passed several times - Strat's Drive-Thru.

A cute little Portillos-style/diner hybrid, Strat's features burgers, hot dogs, grilled sandwiches, plus soups, salads, fries, shakes, etc. While we were staring at the menu blankly, the owner (Strat himself) gave us a few recommendations. Apparently they're very proud of their Reuben, but I just can't get behind sauerkraut.

I went for a hot dog, no relish please, and a bowl of chili, resplendent with onions and cheddar. The husband had a jumbo dog, plain, (he defies his Chicago-ness by blaspheming with ketchup) and cheese fries. We both got water and were outta there for just under $11.

The hot dog was delicious. It came with a cucumber slice as well as the usual, which was new to me. Nice snappy chargrilled red-hot style Vienna Beef. Nom nom nom. The chili was quite tasty, flavorful and warm but not spicy.

My husband enjoyed his jumbo dog as well, and I stole a few cheese fries. The fries were absolutely smothered in cheese; they were standard-issue crinkle cut, but good ones nonetheless.

I'd very much like to go back to Strat's and try their grilled cheese, onion rings and milkshakes (hand scooped!). I have a feeling we will return.


Rachel said...

Safari land is an okay place. The roller coaster can be scary, but it's more about how fast you are going on such a rickety looking thing.

That Girl said...

The coaster didn't look too bad -- although to a 5 or 6 year old I can see how it would be scary!