Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Thai, or why tom yum is good for what ails you.

Inspired by my recent rememberings of Siriwan Bistro, I decided to spend my lonely Monday night checking out a Thai place closer to home. I settled on takeout from Thai Addison, which is on Lake Ave. in the Meadow Green shopping center -- a quick drive from home. And I could stop at Caputo's first, which is really worthy of its own post.

Thai Addison is a smallish restaurant, with seating for maybe 30-40 (I didn't count), and it looks like a little strip mall built in the '80s restaurant. Nice enough, but not overly prosh.

However, I wasn't eating in anyway, and the service I got just to get takeout was perfectly good. The takeout itself was scrumptious and just what I needed.

I got some old standbys - chicken tom yum and tofu pad thai. The tom yum soup - that glorious mix of basil, lemongrass, chili, chicken etc - was pure savory spicy deliciousness. The pad thai could have used a little cilantro, but it was still quite good, with the salty-sweet taste you want in pad thai.

Note: He asked how spicy I wanted my soup, and I said "a little spicy." It was perfect for my heat tolerance, but my tolerance is fairly high -- so if you don't want any heat, or just a tiny bit, make sure you say that.

I will absolutely be back to Thai Addison for some tasty takeout. (Boy, I want to go back to all of these restaurants, and there are still so many to try -- I hope we get to stay in DuPage County for awhile!)

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Rachel said...

I will definitely be trying this place out. I have just recently fallen for Thai food, but had not found a decent place yet.