Friday, November 7, 2008

Oak Lawn's great Italian -- Palermo's on 95th

First things first: Hurray, visitors from Craigslist. If you like what you see, please stick around -- I'm going to work on improving the blog. Hopefully this weekend. I know that photos would help a lot; unfortunately I have yet to remember my camera when we go out! I'll try to do better.


This weekend, we're going down to the in-laws to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday a little early. And we'll be revisiting a restaurant I've only been to once before, but that is a favorite of my husband's and his family's from their days of living in Oak Lawn: Palermo's on 95th St.

Known for its thin crust pizza, but also boasting an impressive Italian menu, Palermo's is one of those Chicago-area institutions that everyone in the neighborhood loves -- except maybe the naysayers who spread mob-connection rumors. :)

While our previous trip there -- on the eve of Mother's Day, so it was jam-packed -- was punctuated by a crowded table that seemed to have been stuck in a hallway, it's still a delightful restaurant and delicious dining experience. You know the drill -- rich hardwood, murals painted on the walls, warm bread and olive oil, enormous portions. I had Cappalinni Christina, a pasta dish with fresh basil, tomato, lots of garlic, mozzarella and olive oil, and took half of it home. It's all rather familiar, but Palermo's does it very well, and I'm looking forward to our return trip.

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