Friday, January 16, 2009

State of the blog


I've been thinking about this blog lately and where it is and where I want it to be. For the most part, I'm pleased. What started as an experiment in writing about cool things in the Chicago suburbs has gained two more writers and an audience - albeit a smallish one - which is great! I'm indebted to Another Suburbanite for really helping me kickstart things, and glad to have The Juice Box on board for more content and input.

What I haven't been doing much of lately is writing about things besides restaurant reviews and the odd store or spa. Which I'm going to blame on a few things: the recent holidays (busy, busy) and the weather - because really, who wants to go exploring when it's 17 below out there?!

But as the weather warms up I'm hoping to get back out there. To write about festivals and parks and ice cream parlors and more.

I also want to encourage my audience to give us feedback. Recommend places for us to try -- we live in McHenry, northwest Cook and DuPage counties and often travel through Lake and Kane for work or life, so if there's someplace in your neck of the woods you're curious about -- or that you've tried and think is great -- pass it on! Alternatively, if someone wants to submit a single review (or even several) without joining the team, just drop me a line. My blog-related e-mail is easy: suburbanawesome [at]

In the end, I want this blog to be useful, fun, and for the people who read it. I welcome all manner of feedback, questions, comments, whatever!

Thanks, and keep reading and rockin' the suburbs!

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