Sunday, January 11, 2009

Entourage Salon & Spa, Elmhurst

A different sort of review today than we've been doing, although I would like to note that this is intended to be for all sorts of places around the suburbs and not just restaurants!

Today I redeemed a gift card that was a Christmas present from my dear husband: enough for a massage at Entourage Salon and Spa in Elmhurst. It's at 111 Second St. (in the City Centre) and on the web at

I'd been in want of a good massage for quite awhile, and let me tell you, Entourage got the job done.

My massage therapist was Mary Ann, a cheerful woman in scrubs who had a sort of mom/aunt vibe about her. She asked me a few questions about where my tension was, what I did or didn't want, that sort of thing. Then I was shown into the massage room to undress and left.

The room was nicely appointed but simple, with hooks for my clothes, wood-paneled walls and dim lighting. There was soft nature-sounds music playing, enough to set a relaxing mood and drown out any sounds from the salon.

Mary Ann did a wonderful job, asking for feedback on pressure and a few other things but largely working quietly to let me enjoy. And I did. The tension in my neck and shoulders is gone and when she was done I lay there blissfully, wanting either a nap or more massage.

The salon itself is very nice, with lots of light and comfy chairs and a cool transparent waterfall behind the front desk.

While I certainly can't afford to indulge every month, I think I will be returning to Entourage for a massage... and maybe a haircut or pedicure now and then!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps massages are ok, but please do not risk getting your hair relaxed or straightened here. My hair has been ruined for years as most has broken of after an incompetently applied straightening service. Be warned.

Anonymous said...

That is hard to believe. I have been a customer at the owner's old location for years and have never had a problem. In fact, Ive gotten everything from coloring, highlights, straightening (numerous times), and a few updo's for weddings, never a problem. Im sorry your experience was bad.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT go here. I had my hair colored here yesterday and now I have to go have it corrected somewhere else. When I called the owner to tell him how dissatisfied I was with my fried orange hair he wanted me to come back in and have it done again and would not refund the $225 I spent on this ugly mess. He was also very rude and thinks he's a "master stylist" unfortunately for me he is not.

That Girl said...

I wish all these anonymous posters would leave their names. I have no way of knowing the validity of any of them. That said, I was speaking only about MY perceptions and experiences, and I stand by my review.

And to anonymous #3 with the fried hair, why wouldn't you give them a chance to fix it for free? Sounds a bit entitled to me.

Twainy said...

I was thinking about going here for a haircut (my hair nearly reaches my butt), a coloring to change my mousey hair color to blonde again and maybe a manicure ... only due to the convenience ... I live in Elmhurst and currently drive out to the Frank Gironda Salon & Spa in Wheaton (it is FANTASIK) ... but I really was hoping to find a closer alternative ... sadly I don't think I can risk my hair at Entourage if there is even a small chance that they will ruin my hair ... so if those reviews/comments were false they are truely hurting this new spa in Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

When I find a great place I feel the need to give the business a review. I’ve recently moved to Elmhurst area from out of state, so I was in need of good hair styles. I have look at the salons in the surrounding areas and happened to come across this cute upscale salon “Entourage hair salon and spa”. I was impressed by the customer care, and I though my stylist was very educated and patient. Because when it comes to my hair and looks I’m extremely picky!! She did a great job with my all over color and high lights. When stylist can deal with me being picky and do a great job, then I have to recommend this salon to everyone. Even the girl with hair down to your “butt”, Just ask a consultation before hand if your that scared. Anyways I believe I found a great stylist and plan to be back for another appointment.

Jennifer said...

I used to go to an Oak Brook salon that had the rudest customer service for the amount I was spending. I found Entourage through the Elmhurst Chamber and they are a dream.

Martha is wonderful as an esthetician both for facials and eye brow waxing. And she doesn't FORCE the product on you.

Joe is a wonderful stylist. My Oak Brook gal had a baby and Joe was an easy transition. After every haircut its as if he has renewed my color. I receive compliments everytime I have a service from there whether it is a haircut or a full color.