Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...Oktoberfest!

It's late September, October is just around the corner and I have a hankering for German food. But not just any German restaurant will do; it has to be Schnitzel Platz. Located at 729 North Ave. in Glendale Heights, you can reach them by calling 630-942-9900 for reservations (a very good idea to do so) and you can check them out online at

We LOVE Schnitzel Platz! It's our family's favorite place to celebrate special occasions and to bring out of town guests. Everything is absolutely delicious! We've tried a number of items and our favorites are the Jaeger/Hunter Schnitzel (pork schnitzel with a yummy mushroom sauce) and the sausage sampler plate. Meals come with either a cup of the soup of the day or the German salad plate (a variety of cold German salads). And there is a nice big basket of pretzels rolls, rye bread and crackers brought to the table. The servings are very large and we always bring leftovers home -you can also share a meal for a small fee (though the last time we did this we ordered an additional salad and spaetzle and they didn't charge us the sharing fee). They might seem pricey but they are in line with pricing at other German places and you do get ALOT of food.

Now I'm not a beer fan but my husband and father-in-law do enjoy their large beer selection. You can even have a litre of beer in a glass boot! They also have a number of wines and after dinner cordials which are quite good.

Be sure not to forget dessert! I believe the dessert menu might be smaller during Oktoberfest but normally they have a huge selection of tempting cakes and strudels. Your server might go over the tray of them pretty fast but don't worry, they are happy to repeat or answer any of your questions.

A few notes about their hours- they are closed on Tuesdays. They also are closed for a few weeks in Autumn each year to return to Germany (the owners and some of the staff are from there) so be sure to check. If you go during Oktoberfest(Sept-Oct) the center of the restaurant has rows of picnic tables with table cloths lined up to accommodate the crowds. They do have booths along the outer walls of the resturaunt though. And if you come on a Fri, Sat or Sun make reservations. They are typically packed on these nights year round.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the two-man German band of Bob & Hank who entertain on the weekend nights. They are fabulous and will have the whole crowd singing along. So brush off that Sound of Music soundtrack and come on over. Everyone has a little German in them at Schnitzel Platz!

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