Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fantastic coffee on the Fox - Arcedium Coffeehouse, St. Charles

I lived in St. Charles for a year when I first moved to Illinois. I really loved the Fox Valley and was sorry to have to leave. It's probably a good thing that Arcedium wasn't around then, or it would have made it that much harder -- because this is a great coffeehouse.

Arcedium Coffee, 60 Indiana St., St. Charles, is nestled on the banks of the Fox River in a newly redeveloped section of downtown St. Charles. 

Inside, it's got lots of lovely wood, plenty of tables, comfy chairs and a large bar wrapping around the coffee roaster -- yes, they roast their own coffee here. The menu features tons of drink options, both caffeinated and not, plus light eats including soup, salad, panini and pastry. 

I visited on a Friday afternoon, and it was moderately busy but not jam-packed. I was trying to save room for dinner, so no pastries for me, but I very much enjoyed my iced cinnamon creme latte. Even though it was sweet, I could taste the richness of the espresso and it was quality stuff.

The next time I find myself in St. Charles, I think I'll be making an extra stop at Arcedium....

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