Sunday, October 26, 2008

Local places are awesome -- Shorty's, Wood Dale

We celebrated our anniversary Saturday with a fancy dinner at a fancy chain restaurant. So I won't bore you with that review, since I want to focus on local places. But I will say that Claim Jumper's is quite good.

But -- local, suburban awesomeness. Wood Dale has a lot of good place. We've only just begun exploring. And Friday night we were going for cheap and fast, so Shorty's it was.

Shorty's is a little Greek/fast food place, formerly a drive-in that now has a drive-through, carry out, outdoor dining deck and a small indoor dining area.

They have gyros, burgers, dogs, wings, ribs, chicken, salads and more ... good stuff. I had chicken gyros and curly fries; the husband had a bacon cheeseburger and regular fries. TASTY! I only wish I'd asked for tzatziki sauce, I don't know why people think chicken gyros don't need it, but it was still good even without -- a fresh, soft, hot pita, delicious seasoned meat, fresh tomatoes. The curly fries were what Arby's wishes theirs were. I didn't taste the husband's burger, but I yanked a couple fries.

Shorty's is a great little local place, cheap and filling and very good for what it is. We'll definitely go back. I want more gyros. And I want to try their spanakopita. And they have baklava on the menu. And while it's "fast food," it's all made fresh to order.

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