Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elmhurst, redux -- Jim's Hamburger Heaven; SereneTeaz

We spent a gorgeous fall Saturday afternoon exploring the Elmhurst City Center, which as I previously said is lovely.

We started with lunch at Jim's Hamburger Heaven, which is at the corner of York St and Route 64. It's an old-timey walk-up hamburger/root beer stand, with muy delicious double and triple-decker burgers, fries, shakes, ice cream and faaaabulous root beer. It's open March - Oct, and absolutely worth going. The burgers were fresh and tasty, the root beer was delicious with soft serve, the fries were tasty... yum.

After that we explored some of the shops around the city center. A lot of cool looking places and a bunch of restaurants I'd love to try, including sushi, Italian and Mexican. There's everything from a comic book store to European-style cafes and a wine bar to toys to clothes to a tea store called SereneTeaz. The tea store is awesome, you can smell everything and taste anything you want and get any of it hot or iced -- they even have a few pastries and tables so you can sit and enjoy a cuppa (or even a pot!) We talked to the clerk for a good long while and ended up with a cup of iced orange spice rooibos.

Elmhurst is a real gem of a suburb, and I say that based primarily on its downtown. It's swell. I highly recommend it (and SereneTeaz) :)

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