Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eat and get out

Last Friday I finally experienced the phenomenon that is Ed Debevic's. There's one at the mall in Lombard, and we had a coupon, so to Ed's we went. If you've never heard of Ed Debevic's, it's a pseudo-'50s style diner with wacky decor and rude waitstaff. Yes, they are paid to be weird, wacky, and amusingly rude. A common occurrence there is the slapping of the bill down on your table while being told, "eat and get out!"

Our waitress was just a little bizarre, and she stared us down for awhile before walking off without taking our order. She did come back, though. She also threw straws at us, which I saw a lot of waitstaff do.

Aside from the kooky appeal of the atmosphere, the food was pretty good. The husband had a burger, and I had a southwest chicken salad, and we shared some nachos. I wouldn't say it was stellar, but above-average diner food combined with a fun atmosphere made it an amusing and fun night.

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