Saturday, August 16, 2008

Books are awesome. So is mini-golf.

Today we visited the Addison library, where we have reciprocal borrowing privileges via our home-town library.

The library recently moved into a new and very shiny building. It's really cool. Two stories, with lots of wood and natural light, modern-looking, but warm. Flat panel computer screens everywhere, a bunch of self-checkout desks, comfy reading chairs all about. One thing I noticed was that the shelves weren't full -- there were lots of them, a pretty good-looking collection, but the shelves weren't stuffed end-to-end with books like they are at most libraries I've been to.

We also went to the Links n Tees mini-golf course, which is part of the Addison park district. It's a good course, with some neat features, a three-level hole, and plenty of wooden "tiki gods". Two little things that bugged me, though -- one of the ponds was really gross and stagnant, not circulating as much as the rest of the water; also, the water was all dyed bright blue. Which struck me as unnecessary.

But it was fun, an enjoyable golf course, and reasonably priced. (We also had a coupon. Coupons rock.)

Tomorrow ... not sure. Found a few farmer's markets in the area that I'd like to check out, but I'm not sure if we'll get there this weekend.

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