Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Measuring Cup (East Dundee)

Located directly along the Fox River Trail in East Dundee is a gem of a little bakery with a few other things to nosh.  The Measuring Cup, at 217 Barrington Avenue, is just the place to replenish your spent calories on the trail and delight in some pie!  If you are already walking, jogging or biking along the Fox River Trail in the area they are literally steps off the path.

Yes, they have breakfast pizza & quiches and couple types of sandwiches which are all tasty.  But the REAL reason to come here is for the PIE...Soooo many pies....and if they don't have what you want put in a request & the owner will most likely be able to whip one up for you with advance notice.  The pies are on the pricey side compared to your supermarket but THESE PIES make those other ones look & taste like cardboard.  Worth. Every. Penny.

The seating is mainly outside with just a few tables inside.  And honestly who wants to eat inside when you can sit out on the lawn and people watch those going along the Fox River Trail?

To check out their menu or get in touch with the owner to request a pie find them at http://www.themeasuringcupcafe.com/ or call them at (224) 484-8233.

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