Monday, March 28, 2011

Resale to the Rescue!

So I recently changed careers and found myself in need of an entire business-casual wardrobe. The thought of going to the mall and clothes shopping makes me break out into a sweat, not to mention the serious dent in my pocket book this was going to be. But thanks to two wonderful, and far more fashion-savvy, smart shopper friends I discovered the wonderful world of clothing resale.

Now my husband and I enjoy shopping at thrift stores to see what fun retro goodies we can find but I have never had luck shopping for clothes at thrift stores. The stores my friends recommended, however, are different. Enter Clothes Attic'd, 605 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville and two Clothes Mentor locations - Naperville @ 582 S. Rt. 59 and Schaumburg @ 1402 N. Roselle Rd. to save the day! These places are higher end quality resale shops and have only name brand clothes. They have a strict policy on the quality of the clothes they accept - no ratty worn out sweaters or pants with a stain on them here.

Clothes Mentor is a small chain and I have checked out several of their locations. The Naperville and Schaumburg locations are by far the best as far as huge selection goes. In addition to all kinds of tops they also have a large selection of jeans, slacks, capris, dresses, jackets, shoes and jewelry. I was particularly happy to find several pairs of slacks between the two locations for my petite height. If there is a particular brand you love they have some of the big names highlighted on their own separate racks like J. Jill, Gap, Ann Taylor, etc. A few of the items I purchased still had the store tags on them!

Clothes Attic'd is along the same line as Clothes Mentor, but a single store with a smaller selection. Although they have less clothing I think the quality is even better and they also have cocktail dresses and a large selection of nice jewelry.

Both of these stores have amazing prices. Ann Taylor slacks for $14! An Eddie Bauer sweater for $8! Between these stores I was able to get an entirely new work wardrobe for under $300. A-mazing!

I only wish I had known about these stores sooner. I could have avoided mall clothes shopping all these years...

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