Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Na na na na, Nana's!

Nana's is a classic. My in-laws ate here when they first moved to Streamwood 31 years ago. And The Original Nana's Hot Dogs is still there at 1102 E. Irving Park Rd. in Streamwood, serving up some of the quickest and tastiest hot dogs and fries around. (And yes, you want the ORIGINAL Nana's...don't let any other Nana fool you...)

The decor isn't much to look at; a high counter, a few tables and booths about, all worn and needing a fresh coat of paint. When the weather is nicer they have a few tables & umbrellas outside. BUT, you aren't here for the decor. You want a dog! You want it fast! And you want it cheap!

All the dogs come with fries, literally. The dog is covered in fries and then wrapped up tightly in deli paper. This can be a tad messy so don't even think about trying to eat one of these in the car. The fries are fresh and you can watch them put the potatoes in the special do-hickey to cut them up.

They have other traditional dog-joint fare on the menu like pizza puffs, beefs and the like. They even have those yummy Mexican bottled sodas and GREEN RIVER soda at the fountain. And if you like their fun retro logo you can even buy a
t-shirt :-)

Check them out on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Nanas-Hot-Dogs/151913324835793

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renita said...

I think the Nana's in Addison is pretty much identical ;) Although I'm not sure if they have Green River...