Monday, November 1, 2010

Baked delights - La Blondina Bakery Cafe, Wood Dale

I rarely write about brand-stinking-new places because I figure new businesses should have a little time to get settled in, find their niche, develop their website...

But I'm pretty jazzed about this one. There's a small storefront on Wood Dale Road, just north of Irving Park, that previously housed a bakery, then sat vacant for over a year. I pass this place at least twice a week, and was excited when I saw new signs of life. This past Saturday, I was driving home from spin (yes, this is a little ironic) when I saw that the new bakery -- La Blondina Bakery/Cafe was open. And since it had a large sign advertising FREE COFFEE, I had to stop.

The space is not very big, but there's enough room for a large case advertising their many baked delights, plus a few small tables for enjoying your goodies in-store. It's nicely decorated and very cute.

So far, baked goods for sale included HUGE cookies, somewhat smaller cookies, quiche, croissants, chocolate croissants, tarts and much more. I was told they expect to have a lunch menu soon and will also offer custom wedding and birthday cakes. I walked out with two chocolate croissants and a piping hot cup of Lavazza coffee.

The croissants were *awesome* (and of course the coffee was too) and now I'm really excited about this place, I must say.

Their website is not very functional yet, but you can call them at 630-595-5500.

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