Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here fishy, fishy, fishy... Sushi Nest, Elmhurst

Since the day in college when I first popped a California roll into my mouth, I have been fascinated by, and later enamored with sushi.

I don't get it often because well-crafted sushi is often a bit of an indulgence. Well, that and the fact that my husband is just not a big fish fan - he eats shrimp and that's about it. Forget the raw stuff.

That said, I do love it when I can get it, and I recently had the opportunity to go to Sushi Nest, 142 N. York St, Elmhurst with a friend. And it was wonderful.

The atmosphere is elegant and cozy, and the service is top-notch. We were offered hot towels to clean our hands and big glasses of water with cucumber slices. After ordering, we received a complimentary bowl of edamame, perfectly and lightly salted, as an appetizer.

We shared two rolls -- a Red Dragon roll, with spicy tuna and crunch and topped with more tuna, and a California roll -- and three kinds of nigiri: yellow tail, white tuna and unagi (eel with barbecue sauce).

Everything was fresh and delicious. The white tuna simply melted in my mouth, and the flavors were great on the rolls. I have to admit the unagi wasn't my favorite, but I'd never had eel before. I'd eat it again, but it mostly tasted like barbecue sauce :)

Prices are good, about what you'd expect for a nice but not super-fancy sushi place. They do offer entrees, noodles, salads and combination platters.

All in all, fantastic fresh sushi at fair prices with excellent service... what more could you want?

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