Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Franky's Red Hots, Addison, IL

Here at Rockin' the Suburbs, we are three busy ladies. Plus there's that pesky economy. I can't speak for my co-authors, but aside from my fantastic night out for my birthday, we're cutting back on extraneous spending, including eating out quite so often. And we're looking for good values when we do.

Rest assured, we still have plenty to write about, though. And there will continue to be new posts. With warm weather coming (we hope!) and all that Spring and Summer bring, there will be plenty to review and promote.

In the meantime, the husband and I had a simple but tasty dinner Friday when we finally visited Franky's Red Hots, 1250 W. Lake St. in Addison. Formerly a Tommy's, this is one of those no-nonsense local joints that says it's a hot dog place but actually serves a little of everything. The menu includes burgers, gyros, pasta, chicken, Italian beef, pizza and ribs.

We both went for the simple with hot dogs, fries and a drink. In my opinion, it's a good way to judge the place. The bun was not poppyseed, but it was nice and deep so there was plenty of room for the toppings. The dog was nice and snappy, kind of skinny, more red-hot style. The pickle was a little small, but tasty and the rest of the toppings hit the spot. The fries were fresh and hot.

A really nice part about Franky's, beyond the variety of the menu, is the prices. Tax is included in everything, so everything is a nice round number. And the prices are cheap! Four hot dogs, two fries and two drinks? A mere $9.

The pizza looked really tasty, so we may have to try that next time. And the pizza? Comes with unlimited toppings, no extra charge. Fab.

It's great to find a local place with tasty food that's not only convenient but a great value. Hurray for Franky's.

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