Monday, June 23, 2008

Get funky

One of my favorite -- and most tempting -- stores is Funky Things in downtown Algonquin. It's on Main Street (Rt 31), one block south of Algonquin Road (Rt 62). Right next to a fab little coffeehouse, by the by, called Java Bar (that serves liquor with their coffee!).

Funky Things is a treasure hunt of a store. While the bulk of their merchandise is purses, purses, and more purses, they also have jewelry, clothes, greeting cards and an assortment of gifts. My current purse is a Kate Spade knockoff from Funky Things for a mere $20 or so; I also scored an awesome little dress (for $17!) that I've worn to multiple occasions, and it's my go-to store for fun, inexpensive gifts.

The selection is always changing, and a selection is available online, although you really have to visit the store to see it all. The women who work there are super-nice, too, and love to chat.

And after scouring the store for great finds, I suggest going next door for some lemonade or a latte :)

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